About Us

The Israeli Association for Culinary Culture (IACC) is a registered association (amuta) and non-profit (malkar).

Our Vision
The IACC aspires to a reality in which Israeli culinary arts enjoy official recognition as a major cultural field expressing, nurturing and preserving social, historical and aesthetical values derived from the cultural heritage of the various communities in this country. Such recognition entails the inclusion of the culinary arts in the educational and cultural policies and infrastructure of the State of Israel.

Our Mission

The IACC aims to create a major public resource that will allow the Israeli public to deepen and extend the cultural context of Israeli culinary traditions and practices.

Our Goals

Research – The IACC will support research activity in various dimensions of gastronomic-culinary field: (a) climate and terrain conditions of produce and livestock; agriculture and industry; (b) the processing of agricultural and industrial produce for the Israeli food market; (c) cooking methods and technologies in Israel; (d) eating and serving styles in the private and public spheres in Israel; (e) culinary heritage of various communities in Israel throughout history.

Education – the IACC will support educational activities including: (a) lectures, conferences, workshops and seminars on culinary issues; (b) the production and presentation of publications and other educational resources on culinary issues.

Museum – The IACC will promote the establishment of an Israeli Museum of Culinary Arts where research and educational activities as described above can take place alongside the display of culinary artifacts, literature and experiential encounters with food and food producers.