In a country like Israel where the relatively small population comprises an enormous array of ethnicities and cultures, food is the materialization of multiculturalism. It is only fitting that this celebration of the rich tapestry of Israeli society should have its own shrine where these culinary traditions are represented and preserved as an important part of our national heritage.

The first international, multidisciplinary and online
Museum of Culinary Arts

The flagship project of the IACC is the establishment of an internet based digital museum of culinary arts. The museum will bring together scholars and practitioners, both professional and amateur, and provide them with a universally accessible state-of-the art medium.

The museum will regularly present multimedia exhibitions on a wide range of culinary topics such as cooking traditions in different parts of the world, new food production technologies, innovative studies in nutrition, the depiction of the history of culinary concepts, artifacts and outlets, and much more. The museum will also offer live web events such as master classes and encounters with famous chefs as well as with ordinary folks who have an interesting story to tell about their connection to food.

Benefiting from a state-of-the-art, interactive multimedia website, the museum will not only offer exhibitions but also live web-events such as encounters with food celebrities, masterclass sessions, seminars, etc. It will be an international museum open to everyone interested in the culinary arts anywhere in the world and where our friends and colleagues from other countries can contribute materials related to their own areas of expertise and interest, making the museum a lively junction of global exchange of ideas and experiences. 

A panorama of our culinary heritage

The Israeli Food Museum is our flagship project. The museum will be informative and experiential and will present Israel’s entire chain of food production, preparation and service throughout history. It will offer a presentation of the various terroirs in Israel and the "flagship" products of Israel in the past and in the present. It will present a panorama of the ethnic cuisines in Israel, side by side with an exploration of the concept of an "Israeli Cuisine". It will demonstrate technologies involved in the cooking process, gadgets and techniques. It will cover the history of restaurants, cafes and bars in Israel, of markets around the country and of the varieties of catering services (weddings, school meals, workplace meals, etc.) and hosting traditions in various sectors of Israeli society.

Food for thought…

The professional team of the IACC includes scholars of food culture from a great variety of disciplines and from all around the world. The range of their academic expertise is particularly broad and includes such topics as cooking in the middle ages and in the Renaissance, food and identity in Judaism and in Islam, food and gender, food ethics, the sociology of food and nutrition, the philosophy of gastronomy, food cultures in Asia, the Middle East and Latin America, and many more. Among these scholars there are leading experts on major aspects of the cuisines typical to Israel. These scholars form a solid basis for the exhibitions in the museum as well as for its research activity which will include international conferences, research workshops and public lectures.

The artist's palate…

Cooking and eating are sensual experiences and as such they often ignite the imagination of artists. The museum will integrate artistic representations of food and eating in its exhibitions: works of photography, painting, sculpturing, drawing, video art and designing will be a constant feature of the display in the museum, ranging from abstract representations to structured depictions of highlights and milestones in the culinary traditions in this country, past and present.

All you knead is love...

Firsthand experience of cooking is important for the full appreciation of any culinary tradition. Getting to know food products, their textures, tastes, smells and colours, tracing their journey from the field, the orchard, the farm and the sea, and acquiring the skill to use them harmoniously and subtly in the preparation of dishes, are all parts of the culinary experience the museum is seeking to impart to its visitors.

The IACC team will offer regular cooking demonstrations of iconic Israeli recipes and visitors will be encouraged to discuss these recipes with the cooks and of course to taste the dishes in the various stages of their preparation. The museum will also hold online cooking workshops for the general public and for specific audiences such as children, students on a low budget, people with special dietary requirements, etc. The museum will also organize cooking competitions and food fairs. Some activities will be dedicated to encouraging informed food consumption and will include guided visits to markets and food shops and workshops in which IACC nutritionists will demonstrate the preparation of tasty, healthy, inexpensive and easy to make recipes based on local fresh produce.       

The melting pot...

The IACC brings together chefs and scientists who explore together the ingredients which make Israeli cuisine: the origin of favourite tastes, the texture and aroma combinations which have trained and formed the Israeli palate. They will also experiment, through the insights of science and the passion of gastronomy, with new tastes and combinations that could become the basis of new dishes based on local ingredients and inspired by our collective sensibilities.

As these joint experiments develop they will hopefully mature into a permanent program of collaboration between young chefs and scientists, students of leading cookery schools and science departments in Israel, in the framework of joint "practicum" that will enrich both the culinary repertoire of Israeli restaurants and advance research into food technology and engineering. The products of this collaboration will be presented at the museum.